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Hive Five – One Choice Recruitment

Introducing One Choice Recruitment

One Choice Recruitment is a North Somerset-based specialist healthcare recruitment agency. Norma Barrant and her team have been based at The Hive since it opened in 2014. Norma’s initial commitment to The Hive was as a ‘Virtual Office’ tenant (essentially being based there in registered business address only). The company then moved into its own dedicated office within six months.

Meet founder Norma

“Hi, I’m Norma and it’s been great to watch my business flourish with the help of The Hive. I used to run the business from home but found it hard separating home life from work life. It wasn’t a suitable environment to bring clients into and things needed to change to allow my business to grow. I’d also get potential staff members look up the address and turn up at my house at all hours. As we got busier, this wasn’t tenable any more. One day in around 2013, I was on a course locally and saw an architect’s mock-up of The Hive. I was intrigued and kept my eye on developments. We still weren’t quite ready for an office when it opened but I learned about the Virtual Office service, and we did this initially until ready to take the plunge with our first office.”

About One Choice Recruitment

One Choice Recruitment’s core business is to provide staff to the health and care industries across Somerset, Taunton, Gloucester and BANES. These are mainly temporary placements by the hour, week or longer. Norma says,

“We currently work with a diverse portfolio of highly esteemed retirement villages, care homes and multi-branch private hospitals. We’ve also recruited a few people into roles within other businesses at The Hive. We’re now looking to diversify and to provide senior administrative professional, managerial and project management professional across a broader range of industries. She says, “As we grow, our physical location will become even more important. When potential staff and clients come to us for meetings or interviews, The Hive gives our company the right impression. I couldn’t have done this if I was still home-based.”

Why The Hive?

For many who work for home, becoming a virtual tenant at a business centre is often the first step towards moving into an office. Norma says,

“Even as a Virtual Office tenant at The Hive we enjoyed many of its benefits. I had a professional business address, the friendly staff there received my business post and parcels and I regularly got useful emails about networking and training events or business advice opportunities. What really helped the company was being able to rent bright and comfortable rooms in which to meet potential clients or run training courses when needed. As a small business, being able to rent space only when needed is ideal. There was no way I could have done that at home.”

In early 2015, after six or so ‘virtual’ months, Norma rented her first office and moved in with her furniture, files and colourful orchid collection. Norma says,

“I like that the staff are really friendly and helpful. Nothing is too much trouble for them, no matter how large or small the request. All the other tenants we’ve met at networking events have been great, too. We’re always so busy but hope to get involved more in happenings at The Hive from now on.”

Norma adds, “I also love that there are decent, full-sized kitchens here, plus other rooms to break out in or sit in. Tiny cramped kitchens and not being able to prepare certain foods in case it bothered people can be restrictive so I’m definitely a big fan of the kitchens.”

What’s on the horizon at The Hive?

Norma says, “Expanding into a larger, purpose-built space – with in-house business advice available – has helped my business to grow and become more professional. The environment here is conducive to growth. We’ve got our five-year celebration event in the pipeline this summer so we’re currently planning for that, and my mid-term strategic priority is to secure new recruitment contracts with regional, national and multi-location brands.

Norma’s ‘Hive Five’ highlights
• The accessible location
• The interesting mix of other tenants
• Clients’ positive first impressions
• 24/7 access to the building
• Building and kitchen cleanliness