Changing the way care and support is perceived and delivered in North Somerset

New Hive resident and recently launched, CareHub is the first enterprise in North Somerset to offer a complete service for those opting to manage their support through a Personal Budget or Health Budget.

CareHub has been formed to raise awareness of self-directed support services and offer a comprehensive one-stop-shop service across North Somerset for those people who opt to take on the responsibility of self-directing their own care and support or that of a family member by accepting a Personal or Health Budget.

Comments co-founder Zak Aravantinos “The Personalisation Agenda announced in 2007 and Personal or Health Budgets which have been around since the 90’s, were introduced to offer more choice and control to individuals receiving care services. Despite the number of years of their existence, they are still relatively unknown to most. They offer an alternative far more flexible and creative way of setting up and receiving services than traditional, ‘institutionalised’ pathways. We want to promote this pathway of flexible care and to empower individuals to create, develop and manage their own services.”

A Personal Budget is an agreed amount of money allocated to individuals by their local council or NHS (and other funding streams) following an assessment of their care and support needs. Traditionally, Local Authorities and NHS organisations would source these services on behalf of the person, alongside managing the set up and ongoing processes. Through this process an individual had little control on how this money was spent or choice on how to alter services should better alternatives be identified. Opting for a Personal Budget or Health Budget, allows the individual to make all the decisions and choices themselves.

However, many of those choosing this option wind up struggling to deal with the complex and difficult responsibilities that come with having to make every decision on the provision of care. Crucially, by opting to receive a Personal or Health Budget, the individual can choose to become an employer and employ their own personal assistants to meet their needs thus becoming responsible for the staff they employ including, their recruitment, training and ongoing supervision.

The launch of the CareHub aims to simplify all aspects of this by offering a one-stop-shop to employers and their staff. Delivering a clear and effective approach to ensuring Personal and Health Budgets are used wisely, effectively and compassionately.

Said Co-founder Tony Webber “These two types of budgets are a sensible idea in principle by promoting flexibility, choice, control and quality of life. In practice however, they present a considerable learning curve, with little ongoing support, that all too often leads to confusion, stress, poor decisions and a sense of being overwhelmed.”


“We remove all of the confusion and stress, by offering clear information and materials which deliver a planned step-by-step approach to meet the agreed needs of each individual to the highest standards and over the long term including such needs as; employer support and information, PA recruitment and management, independent support brokers, payroll, HMRC compliance, and training


We will work in partnership with each individual and professionals to ensure the allocated budget is used in the most effective way and with CareHub there is only one contract, one management focus and one point of contact.”

Background on CareHub owners

CareHub is a joint venture set-up by Zak Aravantinos and husband and wife Tony and Alison Webber, bringing together a combination of over 15 years’ worth of sector experience.

Zak already runs a successful community focussed care and support company called Access Your Care that provides responsive, flexible, dependable and individualised services that are shaped by the local community. Alison and Tony run a Health and Social Care training and learning company called BCE, offering a wide range of training and qualifications for Individual Employers, Care Homes and Domiciliary Care Agencies.

CareHub has offices in both The Hive and Clevedon.

Web address:

Contact details:
Tel for Tony or Zak: 01275 868 150
Mobile for Tony Webber: 07814 025213

The CareHub team pictured outside The Hive (l-r)Alison Webber, Tony Webber and Zac Aravantinos

The CareHub team pictured outside The Hive (l-r)Alison Webber, Tony Webber and Zak Aravantinos