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Andow Ellis – Chartered Certified Accountants

We asked Founder Tim Andow to tell us about his business.

“I started Andow Ellis in late 2015 following the birth of my second son. I wanted to spend more time with my family as they grow up, and working for myself seemed to give me the flexibility and opportunity to do this. Furthermore, as a dedicated and diligent individual I wanted to directly benefit from the fruits of my labours and provide a better future for my family.”

“I provide an individual service, tailored just for my clients. My aim is to give them ‘one less worry’. I advocate cloud-based bookkeeping systems, but if that doesn’t suit I can work with whatever they prefer.”

“I deal with people how I would like to be dealt with. I am approachable, friendly and I understand that they may not understand everything that we discuss which is why I am more than happy to answer any questions. There is nothing worse than having had a conversation with someone and you go away not really knowing what it was all about. At the end of the day, I am here to make life easier, not add complications, so if it is important to my clients, I want them to be able to talk to me.”

“I like to operate on a fixed fee basis, generally spread over an agreed period. This gives the comfort to the client of knowing that there will not be any surprise bills, that they can contact me at any point, and their affairs will be taken care of.”

When did you move in?

October 2015 as a Virtual Tenant

Why did you choose The Hive?

“I wanted a postal address which was not my home and so to keep work and personal life separate. This was to not only portray a professional image, but also to have a place for meetings and to work when required. As a start-up I wanted to keep overheads low and have the flexibility, which a virtual tenancy gives me. The offices are modern and well equipped, which fits with the image I want for my business. I also felt the location was right in the middle of my target catchment area – an important aspect as my business grows.”

How have you found The Hive experience so far

“I have found the environment extremely good. Rob, Rachael and Hazel are professional, friendly and very helpful. Working on my own the majority of the time, The Hive gives me that sense of company I would otherwise be missing. It can be a lonely journey starting on your own so it is nice to come somewhere that has the right atmosphere.“

Would you recommend it and why?

“I am very much an advocate of The Hive. It gives a cost-effective starting point with room to expand. It has the benefit of a business community and there are additional support services if and when you need them.”

You can find out more about Andow Ellis by visiting: www.andow-ellis.co.uk by email Tim at andow-ellis@outlook.com

Tim Andow
Tim Andow