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Hive Five – QED Advanced Systems / ResourceXpress Inc.

2019 marks The Hive’s 5th Anniversary, as part of our celebrations we have caught up with some of our tenants (old and new) to hear more about them. We spent some time with Andy Fisher of QED Advanced Systems…


QED Advanced Systems (QED) provides software and hardware solutions under the ResourceXpress brand to help businesses of all sizes manage their smart room and resource bookings. Celebrating their 30th anniversary and best year to date in 2019, QED has been based at The Hive since 2016.

Meet Andy Fisher

Andy Fisher is Business Development Manager with QED, and this is his second spell with the company. He re-joined the team permanently around four years ago, with the firm’s market share and international customer base going from strength to strength.

“I’m still taken aback by the global reach of the brand,” said Andy, with ResourceXpress being relied upon by some of the world’s largest organisations in 37 different counties. Some notable users of ResourceXpress include Airbus, BAE Systems, the European Space Agency, Hyatt Hotels, Koch Industries, Oxford University, the Scottish Parliament, Volkswagen and Honda.

QED: a potted history

Founded in 1989 by Ian Fisher (CEO), QED originally provided computer supply and support services. With the IT industry expanding and diversifying at an exponential rate, the firm saw a real gap and entered the market in 2006 with the first version of ResourceXpress.

The latest edition of ResourceXpress is a sophisticated SAAS-based (software as a service) application that works with standard and proprietary booking systems to provide point-of-use and remote room reservations. It helps businesses better understand their room resource needs. Floorspace equals money so multi-nationals considering new builds can use the data garnered from ResourceXpress to truly understand and optimise their resources.

Andy says, “In developing and manufacturing our innovative Qubi range of smart booking devices, we try to work with local companies and resources wherever possible. The Qubi3 enclosure was designed in Bristol, with printed circuit board (PCB) components designed and assembled close to our engineering centre on Weston-super-Mare’s Oldmixon Estate. It’s from here in Weston that we soak test and ship our meeting room screens and Qubi3 workspace booking devices, to be deployed by hundreds of organisations worldwide.

Why The Hive?

The company moved into its first unit at The Hive in April 2016. Andy said it was the building’s low-risk flexibility that attracted them, with different sized units becoming available periodically. Within a year of joining the business community at The Hive, QED had taken on an adjacent unit to almost double the company’s office space from 43m2 to 75m2. The company values The Hive’s access to other spaces, such as to the Express Lounge and meeting rooms.

Andy says, “Without going to great expense, we couldn’t provide what The Hive offers. Our business is about maximising resources, so a flexible environment that gives us more space only when we need it is vital. It also makes sure we practice what we preach. We’ve been freed from worrying about office infrastructure and can concentrate on our core business activities.”

Andy is learning more about other businesses based at The Hive through networking events and gatherings. He enjoys what he light-heartedly calls ‘corridor conversations’, where social connections are made and business synergies can be discovered. Through this he’s begun to make more business-to-business introductions, connecting outside firms to those based within The Hive. 

Hive horizons

Turnover at ResourceXpress has dramatically increased in the last three years, a forecast trajectory which prompted their move to larger premises. As Business Development Manager, Andy’s focus for the years ahead is to further grow the firm’s US market, as well as to replicate its successful US sales model in Europe. 

For ResourceXpress, 2019 has already seen the opening of another office in New Jersey in the States, where 50% of their business is now done (compared to 0% just a few years ago).

Andy says, “The Hive is a springboard for us. We knew we needed more space to grow and to move on from our former base on Oldmixon’s Bridgwater Court. We found The Hive at just the right time in the company’s growth and it’s exactly what we need right now. Our sales, marketing and project management functions are carried out here and it does its job perfectly. We’ve got enough private office space to work in, with our own in-office demo area, and we hire The Hive’s larger meeting rooms as required.”

Andy adds, “We’re developing new products constantly and are keen to support the next generation of local talented software and engineering students. We’ve employed previous apprentices, offer work experience opportunities and will be looking to get a new apprentice in role soon.”

Andy’s ‘Hive Five’ highlights

  • Flexibility of space with access to more as needed.
  • Great support and incredibly helpful reception staff.
  • Internet speed is crucial for our business.
  • Reliable communications and conference calls.
  • The parking is very useful.